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Sea Moss

What is sea moss?

Chondrus Crispus is a sea vegetable and variation of red algae. Sea Moss has 92 minerals of the 102 the body needs.

Sea Moss Benefits? 

Boosts energy & immune, rids body of mucus, boosts mental health and uplifts mood, improve metabolism, rich in iron, reverses & prevents illness, detoxifies the body. 

How should I take Sea Moss?

Sea Moss can be taken a number of creative ways. Sea Moss is most commonly taken by spoon or in the form of beverage or broth. The mineral dense superfood is a great addition to any smoothie, herbal tea, or meal!

How long does it last?

Sea moss in gel form is good for consumption for up to 40 days if refrigerated. If frozen, up to 6 months.

Can i give sea moss to my child? 

Sea moss is 100% kid friendly. 

What ingredients do you use in your sea moss? 

Our sea moss is soaked and processed with 100% naturally alkalized water from our trusted water source and key limes. 

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